Sunday, 9 February 2014

Contentment helps to save

There can be no doubt that advertising agencies have one agenda, and that is to persuade us to part with our cash, but I have thought a lot today about contentment: being satisfied.  If you are satisfied with what you have, you do not go out and buy the next thing that is all the rage.

Every morning in this showery and blustery weather, I put on my outdoor gear.  It comprises of a rather large [much too large, actually!] waterproof coat that my mother bought me in 1992, a crochet hat that I bought from a LETS exchange lady in 1996, and occasionally some wellies that were the FH's and date from way back when.  I must look a sight, but since only the chooks are going to see me, I don't really care.  Those things do the job that I require of them - to keep me warm and dry whilst I do the garden chores each day.

Most days, I am still wearing those Value jeans that I bought from that shop for about £10 some time ago.  There are two blue pairs and a newer black pair now, and they are my "out of the house/looking presentable" uniform.  They do all occasions, at school, preaching, doctor, dentist, shopping, visiting, etc.  And with them, a pair of Lakeland walking boots.  Pretty much all year round, I live in those boots.  They are comfortable, presentable, and I could walk several marathons in them, I am sure.  I bought two pairs of them many years ago: there was a lady's pair in navy blue for me and a sandstone pair for the FH.  I wore mine out and they went in the bin several years ago, full of holes, and he had not worn his more than a handful of times, so I am wearing his out now!  I shall mourn them when they go as I know I shan't find another pair.

And the sofa we sit on is easily 16 years old, if not a touch older.  Getting a wee bit threadbare here and there, but still comfy.  Still does the job, even if it is now covered in throws to make it a bit more presentable.  The FH loves a recliner with footrest that my Dad passed over to him when he bought a new electrically-powered model, and the other argued-over chair is a wing chair that the FH's sister gave to the EFG.  I don't think we have ever darkened the door of DFS or SCS or whatever those sofa emporiums are called!

My thought for the day today is that I need to extend this contentment to other areas of my life.......

Thoughts today for the people of Oxfordshire and Somerset whose lives are being turned upside down with all this water.  We sang "Shine, Jesus, Shine" this morning in chapel, and I thought it rather an unfortunate choice when we got to the line about flooding the nations, albeit with grace and mercy.

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Congratulations to Jenny Jones on winning Team GB's first ever medal on snow and first medal of these Winter Games in Sochi.  I think that throwing yourself around on a snowboard like that looks particularly mad, but she is brave enough to do it so good for her!

The young 15 year old Russian ice dancer, Yulia Lipnitskaya, is doing amazingly well and her skating is just beautiful - I could watch her all day!

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She is so flexible but even I wonder how on earth she manages to get her leg up there and skate at the same time?!?!


Bridget said...

I love the skating, I was watching a programme a couple of day ago on Torville and Dean, I can remember watchimg them winning thirty years ago! Pure brilliance

Morgan said...

Yes, I watched that programme as well and it was really lovely to watch them dance to Bolero again. It was elegant and graceful, and the moves were just beautiful! Hard to believe that was 30 years ago, though xx

Angela said...

I remember watching them back then on a friend's colour TV [so excited as we only had a tiny portable b&w set] I think that T&D should be given a medal for their enduring friendship too!