Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Catching up

There seems to have been a lot going on in blogland whilst I have been away - it hasn't been easy to get the chance to read all your blogs whilst my internet access is restricted, so I have just had a quick pop around just a few of them now that I can get onto the YFG's computer as she has gone to school.  I've left a few comments here and there too :)

My computer guru rang up last night to say that my computer was working absolutely fine - he just turned it on and away it went.  Why, oh why, then, was it as dead as a dodo when I tried to turn it on?  It did this before Christmas and made me look foolish and seems to be playing games again now.  I can fetch it back from him later this morning.....let's see how long it lasts this time.

We had a long budget meeting at school yesterday morning and examined the accounts as usual - it is always a long meeting, so I shouldn't complain about that, but the FH was getting peckish for his lunch by the time I got home.  He had had a visitor as well so he had had to come downstairs to let his friend in and make a cup of tea to have with him.  He has the lunch club today, so I hope he doesn't tire himself out because we have a trip to Papworth tomorrow, so we are going to UJ's house tonight, after I have been to a Governors' meeting and a Preachers' meeting!  We won't get to UJ's house until past 10, I should think, but it will be worth it in the morning not to have to leave here at 7am!

There was a small spend at the supermarket last night when the EFG and I came out of gymnastics, because the other place didn't have any fromage frais on Saturday so she wanted to look for some in Sainsbury's, and we got lucky!  We also bought some more baking potatoes [they are a good staple on this eating plan] and fruit - lots of fruit!

I'm off now to do some tidying up and ironing so that I can leave the place tidy for UJ and the girls tonight.  I may get back to have another trip round some of the blogs I missed this morning, if I get a chance for a cup of tea later, otherwise, I shall see you all tomorrow.  I am hoping to be able to report some successful weight loss after we weigh-in tomorrow evening........

PS A very warm welcome to the new followers - good to see you and hope you find something interesting to read.  Leave us a comment now and again :)


Bridget said...

Modern technology. Brilliant when it works, rubbish when it doesn't!

Allegra said...

My daughter had a similar problem with her laptop. Turned out the battery was slightly loose, and whoever designed the laptop has, in their infinite wisdom, designed it so it won't turn on if the battery isn't in properly - even if you are plugging it in ! So now we know that whenever it won't turn on, we need to take the battery out and slot it in again to make sure it's in properly, and so far (two years on), it still works every time. It's probably something silly like that - some loose contact somewhere that should not really signify at all so the repair chap is not seeing it for looking.... Hope you work it out, whatever it is, and it keeps working for you :o)