Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Spring too soon

The chooks had a very happy time in their revamped house and enclosure in the sun yesterday, and are thoroughly enjoying having solid ground under their feet again instead of mud!  They have christened the house by laying us a couple of eggs already too.  

This wee primula is coming up and showing us what it is made of, but I hope it isn't a bit too soon.  With all the rough weather still coming, I am keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't get drowned or blown away.

These flowers are from seeds that the EFG set last summer and they have managed to keep growing through the mild winter we have had so far, and now seem to think that spring has sprung.

Thank you for all your kind words about the YFG's sewing and the EFG's baking skills - I am already a v proud mummy indeed!


Mrs. Mac said...

It's nice to see some earth and flowers .. oh and those chooks too! We've got snow, blowing snow, sunshine and sub zero temps. Brrrrr.

rabbitquilter said...

No flowers or bulbs here, they are too frightened to stick a leaf or bud up as it is likely to be blown clean off or drowned!! Oh, hurry up Spring!! Thankfully we are not nearly as troubled as the poor folk further down country. This time last year I was zipping up and down to Plymouth, along that piece of train track that has now been washed away, unbelievable.