Sunday, 23 February 2014


It's the computer issues that are making me weary tonight - begging the girls for "turns" on their computers, not being able to submit my Shop&Scan data this week, the incessant passwords for multiple accounts that have to be signed in and out when you are using someone else's computer, and the whole heap of hassle.  And there is also the wonder of whether the chap will actually be able to fix the flipping thing........and if he can't?  Don't really want to go there just might get expensive.

Today has been lovely in many ways - we had a new-to-us preacher at the chapel this morning, an Australian lady who is very keen on gadgets and technology!  She'd be stuck in a power cut.  It was a good service though.  This afternoon I have finished the ironing heap and got it all moved up towards the ironing pile, and cooked a very scrummy tea - salmon in parcels with lemon  juice and veg for me, and with "lightest" Philadephia on the veg for the others.  The EFG also made a mousse from Cadbury's Highlights hot chocolate sachets and Quark.  I didn't get one of those, but it was a lovely tea.  I have also done some exercise with her as well - Davina again.

Tonight I have had an evening in front of the tv with the knitting, and enjoyed watching Countryfile, Call the Midwife and then a film with Tom Berenger [haven't seen him in anything for years] called Sniper 3, and then I have just caught up with this week's episode of Line of Duty.  That represents most of my week's tv!!

Back soon - have a good week xxx  Battery is dying so got to publish quickly and go!

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Bridget said...

We had no internet for about six hours today, not sure why! My daughter thought it was the end of the world!! She had to go and read a proper book!!