Monday, 17 February 2014

Chinese night

We may be a little late for Chinese new year, but the EFG and FH enjoyed the Chinesey pork tonight, the recipe which Frugal in Suffolk shared for me the other week.  It got on to the menu plan for this month and although today wasn't the designated day, nevertheless, it has been eaten tonight!

We were supposed to have it yesterday, but the pork wasn't removed from the freezer so we had to have veggie risotto last night.  However, the wrong pork was brought out this morning - I just can't win sometimes!!  It didn't matter - the pork and sauce still went down well.

I cooked the pork with the Chinesey sauce for the EFG and the FH, the YFG can't eat pork so she had some frozen leftover lasagne, and I had some of the pork but with some sweet and sour sauce because the hoisin sauce has got wheat in it, which I can't eat.

The noodles are from AF and are getting quite ancient, but they are vacuum packed and still very edible.  The sweetcorn was Best Before two weeks ago, but steamed up beautifully, and the beans were from the freezer.  I had leftover risotto and beans with my pork.

And the verdict?  The FH wants to know when he can have it again, and was there any more.  The EFG was also keen and said she liked it, so hats off to Frugal in Suffolk for a successful recipe and many thanks for extending the Fen repertoire of meals!


Bridget said...

Looks lush. I'm not surprised it was enjoyed.

Helen Graham said...

Sounds yummy; I'll have to give it a try. Like you, I have some pretty ancient AF foods in my cupboards but things like pasta and dried beans don't go off so they will still get used even though they might be dated 2011.

Morgan said...

Helen - you are bang on with the date of the noodles - they are best before some time in 2011!!

Good to hear from you both xx

morgan spacky said...

Just wanted to say Hi, from another frugal fenlander, love your blog x

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Glad you enjoyed the recipe. I've shared it with several people over the years and it usually turns out well.