Monday, 24 February 2014

The saga goes on

The computer came home today, working well, and lasted all of three hours before it died it is going back to the repair chap in the morning.  Not good.

It has been weird today with the girls going back to school again after having had them at home for a week.  Quiet and peaceful, but strangely a bit lonely as the FH has been in bed all day resting his feet and doing a jigsaw of Paddington Station that he borrowed from chapel yesterday.  It's another Ravensburger one and very well made.  The picture is quite finely detailed and he is finding it quite a challenge - but it keeps him occupied and awake!

I have got all the documents ready to submit for the first two sections of Faith & Worship, and I am taking them to my tutor's house next week to check through it all with her and then it is going in the post to Methodist HQ for assessment.....nerve-wracking much, as the girls would say!  Still, I am very chuffed to have got it this far, and just hope that it all passes muster.  I hope that the next 7 units just don't take me three years to get done - I need to rev this up a little whilst the FH is in reasonable health, as it was last year's illnesses which slowed me down.  I shall put the flags out when this goes in the post next week as it will represent a considerable milestone for me.

Frugality this week is being focused on staying out of the shops and keeping my pennies in my purse.  I have put the lunch money for the FH on Wednesday, the Slimming club money and the piano lesson money all in little envelopes so I know that I have the cash set aside for each of those things.  The girls are making their lunches for school and the FH and I are staying at home as much as we can this week - he has an appointment at Papworth for a check up on Thursday and I have some meetings to go to but thankfully I shall avoid temptation because none of them are anywhere near a shop.  I have been mulling over having a supermarket delivery once a fortnight, as some of the shops have good offers on delivery passes at the moment.  One of my neighbours has a regular Thursday 5pm delivery from that supermarket, and I wouldn't feel as bad about having a delivery if  I ordered one at the same time, but I am not sure that I want it from them, so that defeats that object!  I hate to see the vans coming on to the estate two or three times a day some days and just wish that the shops would find a way of letting us know when someone else in our postcode area is having a delivery so that we could contribute to saving some petrol usage - for the environment's sake, not the shop profits, by the way!

Anyway, time I was thinking about tidying stuff away and heading to bed as I have an early start in the morning.  Cheerio!

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