Saturday, 15 February 2014

Windy night

I thought it hadn't been that bad, actually, as I slept right through, but the EFG turned her bed around as the wind was driving right at her bedroom window and she was frightened it would blow a pane of glass in on her, and apparently the FH was awake listening to the howling gale a lot in the night too.

This morning, though, when I went out to let the chooks out, I noticed that the greenhouse had moved.  This is a glass greenhouse on a small concrete wall base, which the FH in his wisdom [ha!] said that there was no need to screw the greenhouse down to the base as the weight of the glass would hold it moved two inches last night!  I have no idea how we are going to move it back, and I checked on it several times during the course of the day to make sure it hadn't gone any further, and the rabbit which had been living in there was evacuated quickly this morning to a fresh abode, probably a lot safer!

I went out again mid morning to check that nothing too much was on the move, and noticed a fence between two of the runs was moving around a great deal, and since it was partially attached to the neighbour's fence, I thought that I should take it down in case it came down in the wind and damaged the neighbour's fence in doing so.  I was doing this on my own, it was quite a substantial fence, and the wind caught it as I was manoevering it, sent me flying on to my backside and caught me a blow to the forehead, upon which I saw stars for a minute, and had to come in and lie down once I had secured the panel....I had to lash it to a ladder bracket on the back of the shed as otherwise I was afraid it would have gone sailing over into another garden and done more damage!  It was only a dividing panel to keep two sorts of chooks apart, but we can manage without it for now.

The FH has spent the day in bed, not that there is anything actually wrong with him, but his ankles are swelling and the only way I can keep them from puffing up too much is to keep him in bed!  If he gets up, as he did yesterday in the late afternoon, the fluid soon settles round his ankles and makes them uncomfortable.  He is quite happy there, and seems to think that being in bed is a small price to pay to avoid another spell in hospital.  He has the tv, upon which he watches the Olympic speed skating whenever it is on, he has a couple of magazines someone send him the other week, and he has a beautiful steam train jigsaw that I was lent at the craft club yesterday - with the aid of the back of the one of the EFG's GCSE Art pieces for a table, he has done several hours at that today!  He missed three days of a diuretic tablet last weekend because of a mistake the surgery made with his pills, and I am hoping that once the medicine builds up in his system again, his ankles will be fine again.

Hoping that you are all safe and well, warm and dry tonight, and God bless those that aren't, wherever they are xxx

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