Saturday, 1 February 2014

Saturday edit

One child nearly back to normal - thank goodness.  Unfortunately, the other one going down with the flu-bug.

Two hundred pounds raised at the cooking show this afternoon - wow!

Three boxes of cooking paraphenalia to sort out in the morning....

Four hours of sleep last night just was not enough.

Five eggs laid today - looking positive.

Six-ty people at the cooking show - fantastic turn out from the village and church friends across the circuit.

Lots of ideas for a fab February - but they will have to wait until morning.  

Night, all xx


Lyssa Medana said...

Lots of hugs & hope all feel better soon. Don't forget to look after yourself as others are going to ask you to look after them. And a really good post under very trying circumstances! WS xxx

Lesley said...

I hope your week is a little more peaceful and that the EFG shakes off the bug quickly. You sound in need of a rest! Lesley x