Wednesday, 12 February 2014


I was a little bit ill yesterday and it would seem to have been something I ate - not gone off or bad, just with an ingredient in it that I can't stomach......but the thing is that the packet has hardly changed at all, nothing to flag up the change in the allergy information, so I didn't notice until I went looking for the culprit for yesterday's episode.  Just wish that companies who make food and who obviously realise how important allergy information is these days would make it clearer when they change a recipe even slightly - just a little flash on the front of the packet which said, "New recipe" would have done the trick.  I have passed the offending food on today to a family with a coeliac child as she only needs the gluten free aspect of the product and the fact that it now seems to contain traces of dairy won't bother her.

I have also therefore had to have a Googling session to try to find a recipe to replicate the food, as my system definitely works better with a good dose of seeds each day.  It could be as simple as just eating the seeds, I suppose, but there have to be ways of making them more palatable, perhaps.  I have found several recipes to try so when I take the YFG to her piano lesson tomorrow, I shall hit the health food shop in town and see if they have some suggestions there.  They will also sell the seeds in packets in the supermarket, so between the two, I shall have seeds again tomorrow.

I am knitting a new pattern for a scarf, and it is all Helen G's fault ;)  I bought a copy of the sock pattern that she recommended, but whilst I was there, I also got a lovely pattern for hats and scarves as I thought it was time I tackled a new pattern!  It was also a way of putting off getting stuck in to the socks - I have read the pattern for the socks and still don't understand it, so I shall be using youtube and asking you all lots of questions when I do begin!  I have some lovely Rowan Renew yarn that I bought ages ago and I have started on a scarf with that.  I think that it will take about 4 or 5 balls, but it can't take many more because I only have 6 in Diesel [blue] colourway.  I had thought that I would make myself the scarf but the YFG has declared that "I would definitely wear that!" so I may have to share it.  Photo perhaps if the light is better tomorrow.

Frugal tip for today is a very simple one - stay at home, knit, watch the Olympics, chat by the fire - it is a lot cheaper than going anywhere at all!  The weather has been horrid here - horizontal rain, wind and then the next minute - beautiful blue skies with clouds scudding along and a rainbow - it really doesn't know what to do for the best!  I hope you are all safe, well and warm tonight xx

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Lyssa Medana said...

So sorry to hear you have been bad. There are stealth ingredients out there, and it isn't fair! Hope you feel better soon and I think your money saving tip is spot on! WS xxx