Friday, 14 February 2014

Battening down the hatches

The wind is definitely getting up in the Fens tonight, but we seem to be ok at the moment.  I've had an evening of watching tv by the fire, and knitting, so nothing terribly energetic, but not a penny spent today either! I've even sold three boxes of eggs to friends at the craft club at chapel this morning.

The EFG has been out babysitting round the corner and come home with £20 in her pocket and a booking for next weekend to put in her diary too, so she is happy.  We are also looking into the possibility of a summer job for her nearby as well - we went to a local cafe which is advertising and put her name on the list: there is the chance of a trial day at half term so we are hoping for a phone call about that.  Pennies in her bank account before she gets to uni will only benefit her in the grand scheme of things, after all.

Night night all - stay safe xxx


Bridget said...

My daughter has only just turned sixteen and is finding it hard to get a weekend job, a lot of people won't take then on until they've taken their exams. She does a leaflet round once a week and has just got a paid singing job in church. She starts A levels at the end of the year and needs money for travel. As much as we will help when needed I think it does them good to have to learn to budget now. X

rabbitquilter said...

Good grief! What a stormy night last night turned out to be! I hope you managed to hang on to your hat! We, as a family luckily escaped any damage, but lots of trees down around us, and flooding frighteningly close. I still feel for those poor Somerset folk. Hope tonight is quieter! Stay safe. X