Thursday, 13 February 2014

Family traditions

The EFG seems to be keeping the knitting tradition going in the family - she has been knitting these lovely wee hats for the Innocent Smoothie campaign to raise cash for Age Concern UK [I think!].  She just missed the deadline for sending them in for last year, so she has just kept knitting and will continue as long as she can, so that she has a good stash to send in this year.  

Mostly she is just using up odds and ends of my wool, and making interesting colour combinations.  She is a kind soul and thought that this would be a good cause, and it is good for her as the hats don't take long to complete in between everything else she is up to.


Bridget said...

We did some of these last year, we gave them to a local knitting group who sent them off with theirs x

rabbitquilter said...

Just caught up, love the hats! EFG is very talented with her colours, she could be working her way through your stash!! Sorry you have been poorly, how miserable. Take care