Saturday, 22 February 2014


Quick post as my time on the YFG's computer is running out - she wants to do something on it herself soon!  I have been nosying around your blogs quickly, checking my bank, my emails and FB contacts, and it is shocking how quickly 20 minutes can pass as you faddle around on the computer....I have definitely got more knitting done this week!

So today....long lie in until 9am, sitting in the sun enjoying a cup of tea this morning, making some leek and potato soup for my lunch, food shopping this afternoon, tea before 6pm as the EFG is babysitting tonight, and a HUGE heap of ironing to attack tonight whilst the YFG and I watch a film as I think the FH is off to bed soon with a jigsaw - he came shopping with us this afternoon and he needs to get his feet up now.

No time for photos today, either, but the jigsaws are still in a nice heap so I shall get to them soon.
I hope you are all having a good weekend, but I have read on MSE that there is some more nasty weather coming in from the Atlantic tonight and tomorrow, so please stay safe if your area is affected.   See you tomorrow xx

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Bridget said...

Always, always time for knitting! X