Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The T challenge so far

We are 8 days in, and I have been to Lidl, Sainsbury and the Co-op.......we are managing quite well, I think.

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OK, I will confess one episode - I gave the YFG some money and sent her in on Monday for some of my absolutely necessary-for-the-IBS-and-can't-buy-them-in-any-other-local-shop seed bars - the ones I ordered from the website haven't arrived yet!  But that was it, and that was all she bought.  I don't feel that we have failed, and I have confessed, so I hope that is OK!!

Apart from that, we are doing well; we have bought fruit and veg from Lidl, and store cupboard and fridge items from Sainsbury's and the Co-op.  I have noticed some prices differences, but I have also been glad to see fewer temptations - and that is a big bonus.  In the big T shop on the outskirts of the town, there are so many "other" departments for clothes, stationery, books and magazines, household items, gardening stuff, etc that somehow one has to be extremely disciplined not to pick up one or two extra items that look like a bargain or just have to be grabbed that day because they are so handy to get there and have in the cupboard.  I do struggle to be disciplined in the shops, and keeping away from temptation is really going to be a help this month.

We have had the tax disc renewal come through for the Fiesta at £175, and it needs to be MOT'd as well at the end of the month, which will be £30.  The National Trust direct debit has just gone out at £60.50, too, so the bank account is looking forward to the boost it will get on the 10th!  In addition, the YFG is going on a school trip to Kew Gardens (£16) but we passed up an overnight geography trip to the Norfolk coast (£125).

We have three chicks out now and happily under the brooder lamp.....


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Now feeling glad our new Mr T shop is small- only food. Hadn't thought about the constant temptations if it had everything else. Do wish we had a Aldi or Lidl nearer than 25 miles away. Hope the chicks keep doing well.

Lesley said...

I'm totally with you on the temptation Mr T offers. Luckily all our non-food departments are upstairs so I usually pretend they don't exist!

Morgan said...

@Lesley - there is a T like that about 15 or 16 miles away and whenever I go there, I never go upstairs unless I particularly need something from one of those departments - I wish the Ts more locally to us were like that too!