Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Almost tomorrow

but I have just finished a big heap of ironing, and I was determined to get it done tonight!

Today has been damp and dreich here, and whilst I am sure that the persistent drizzle has been good for the garden, it hasn't been particularly uplifting for the rest of us!  I have spent some time knitting my sister's hat, cooked the supper, talked with the girls for some time, watched some tv tonight whilst ironing, and pootled about on the internet.  I also took the YFG to town, where we bought some food, some diesel and some chick food....

Just one more thing tonight - I came across a blog recently called The Frugal Girl which I like, in particular because she posts some great recipes, and one section of her blog is all about baking with her daughter - and she posts recipes that they have made together with excellent step-by-step photos - I already have a few that I want to try - like this one!

The girls are off to Cambridge on the train tomorrow, the FH will be borrowing my car to go out to lunch because his is still in the garage being fixed, and I will be spending some time home alone - can't wait!!  I do like my own space sometimes....

(image from

Edit - came back to say that if you "Like" Lidl on FB, there is a £5 off when you spend £30 voucher there to be spent between Thursday and Sunday.  Worth having if you are going shopping anyway.

See you later xxx

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