Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Interesting reading

A couple of links here to interesting sites and blogs I came across (again) yesterday.  Only one is completely new to me, but the other two are really interesting, and well worth a read.

The new one is The Frugal Shrink which has a particularly good article in which the author interviewed the three daughters of Amy Daczycyn (author of The Tightwad Gazette) about the impact of growing up in such a thrifty family, and how it has affected them.  The first half of the interview with the eldest, Jamie, was there yesterday and the others are to follow.

I also enjoyed revisiting Our Rural Dream which is a really fascinating account of a family as they begin their new life on a smallholding in Lincolnshire.  This kind of life is a step or two beyond what we are able to achieve here, with our limitations, but I love to read about what others can do.

The third is an inspiring money-saving site called The Prudent Homemaker, who also has a blog and a FB page where she posts tips and hints about frugal places to shop and meals to create.  This woman has an interesting story of overcoming some really hard times through having a well-stocked pantry, and she shares recipes and ideas to live in a comfortable home on a budget.

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