Thursday, 16 May 2013


The FH has been wanting to get a tooth extracted for some weeks now - I rang for an appointment and had to wait two weeks for a slot, and then when we rang them on the morning of the appointment with his INR result for his warfarin, the level was too high last week!  It was tested again on Tuesday and was at a more acceptable level [2.6], so we are hoping that today will be the day.  I am not a fan of seeing a grown man squirm in a dentist's chair, so I may sit in the waiting room, especially until the bleeding has stopped!  

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Because of his heart conditions, he has to take antibiotics before he has the procedure anyway, so we have that to remember to take first, then we have to be sure to take the INR record booklet with us as well.  He is currently preparing himself a cooked breakfast as he is worried about when he will be able to eat again so wants to have a good breakfast before it all starts.....


Lesley said...

I hope it all went well. Dental work...eurgh.


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

My least favourite thing in the whole world is going to the dentist. I hope all went OK.