Sunday, 12 May 2013

Shopping surprises

It may not come as a surprise to some of you, but this T challenge is beginning to change the way that I am shopping.

I know my prices pretty well, and I am not able to match the T prices in many of the local shops - yet!  I had a shock when I wanted more baking margerine yesterday to find that Sainsbury's here only offered me Stork at £2/kilo when I have been used to buying T's own brand at £2.odd for 2kg.  I left the Stork on the shelf and thought that we would manage with the little tub of Vitalite in the fridge till I can shop around a little more.

I am shopping more carefully because I am trying to shop around, so I am picking up what I know are well-priced items in one shop but not buying things that day that I know I can get cheaper elsewhere on another day.  Rarely have I got time at the moment to visit three or four shops on the same day, but over the course of a week or two, I seem to be hitting them all - the Co-op after the FH has his anti-coagulation appointment at the local cottage hospital, Lidl whilst the YFG has her piano lesson on a Thursday and Sainsbury on a Saturday sometimes.  Occasionally I can fit in a visit to the B&M Discount store where they sell cheaper tinned tomatoes and other items we buy now and again.

I still have plans to visit a butcher in a village a little farther distant, but I need to get the freezer stocks lowered a little before I can do that, because I intend to buy a month's worth of meat, because of the distance I am going to travel to go there specifically.  The meat there is of excellent quality and the prices have always been competitive, so I am sure that this is worth at least a month's trial.

It has been a busy day today, taking a chapel service this morning in a lovely riverside Norfolk village just over the border and then going on to a gym to train with some girls on a sprung floor so that they have the feel of it for next week's competition; we don't have such luxuries at our gym, so we hired one elsewhere for the afternoon.  Now I am home to ironing of school uniform and the cooking of supper.

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SarahElisabeth Jones said...

I find that a shop at Mr T is about £10 a week cheaper than at Sainsburys. This is a shame as I prefer Sainsburys but the economics of the situation is sending me to Mr T. Planning a trip to Lidl soon.