Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Onwards and upwards

(image from guardian.co.uk)

The EFG will be making her application for university in the autumn term, and I have been concerned at the lack of advice she has had so far.  When I think back to the half-termly meetings I had with my school advisor at this stage, and consider all the opportunities for help I was given, I think that perhaps she needs more help!

So where better to look for that help than my own advisor from 23 years ago?!  I have remained in touch with her throughout the interim years, and although she retired some years ago, she is a lovely lady, now married to another retired teacher, whose experience in this field is more recent.  I sent her a note last week and she has agreed to meet with us, with her husband, tomorrow and see what they can do to help the EFG. They may do no more than raise a lot of questions for her to think about, but that will be an excellent place for the EFG to begin.

Now I just need to squeeze the budget a little harder and find a gift to take for them to show our appreciation......I need inspiration to strike!


Donna said...

I am sure one of your lovely cakes would be appreciated by this lady.


rabbitquilter said...

Some of your happy chickens eggs would be perfect! Good luck!

Morgan said...

Tonight's thoughts are a bottle of my sloe gin [nice bottle from Kilner] and a dozen eggs. Perhaps a cake if I get time in the morning, too. Thanks for the ideas, ladies xx

Morgan said...

We may even add a bunch of asparagus as UJ has brought us some from his garden this morning. A delicacy I wouldn't buy - I can't believe how expensive it is in the shops. The FH enjoys it now and again, and UJ is given cakes and eggs pretty often so I hope we repay the favour!

Lesley said...

I hope it all went well! What an exciting time for the EFG. I wish her all the best as she makes her decisions.