Sunday, 26 May 2013

How does the garden grow?

We have enjoyed another very fine day here in the Fens, and the garden is looking much better for it.  I had a cuppa when I got back from chapel, and then I got stuck in to the gardening again, and have been at it just about all day.

The beetroot rows look better for some weeding.

The chicks enjoyed another day in the sunshine and leapt about in the run, stretching their little wings!

Six courgette plants have been planted out, and marshalling the edges of the bed are some Little Gem lettuces in a nice straight line...

This empty looking bed represents hours of work!  It was a mass of grass this time last year and I abandoned it last summer as I just didn't have time to deal with it.  UJ sprayed it with weedkiller for me, and the grass has died off, and I have spent hours today digging out all the roots of twitch grass from half of this bed.  I have now sown three more rows of beetroot and three rows of dwarf beans.

The peas need staking, but that will be a job for tomorrow.

Some runner beans planted up in a small bed.  I'm not good with wigwams, but the EFG helped me with this one and we think it should hold up!

And this was the EFG's experiment of the day.  She wanted to dye the shoes but thought she would tie-dye an old white polo shirt as well, and I told her to bung this tea towel in as well - it was rather stained so it is now looking much better in a fetching shade of Harrod's green.  

I realised I had done enough by 6pm, so I stopped and cooked the supper.  Then I had a shower and have spent the last couple of hours watching tv and finishing off another woolly hat.  Just got to sew the seam up and it will be in the bag with all the others.

And the best bit?  The weather forecast promises some sun again tomorrow - so I can get a little more gardening done, and the housework and ironing will just have to wait for rain!


Lesley said...

You put me to shame! I am very impressed with your veg plots. Unfortunately it is supposed to rain here tomorrow so mine will be weed-infested for a little longer!

Morgan said...

@Lesley - thank you - you are very kind!