Thursday, 30 May 2013

A day of appointments

A warm welcome to my new follower - do say Hello one of these days!

Today the FH has to go to Papworth for an appointment at the Sleep Centre for his sleep apnoea, so we are heading out at about 8.15am, and taking his old friend along for the ride.  When we have had the appointment, we will call in at UJ's house nearby for a cup of tea, and then pootle home.  We estimate that we will be home by lunchtime.  It is raining this morning, so there is not going to be a lot to hang around anywhere for, so I think that we will come straight home from UJ's house.

This afternoon, the FH has to take the Fiesta back to the MOT station to see if the mechanic has got it right and fixed the problem which caused it to fail last week.  When he has done that, I can tax it tomorrow, when we have the MOT certificate.  I will be popping to the chapel this afternoon for an hour or so, and then we have visitors coming for tea.  T&G are a brother and sister pair which live nearby and who are dear friends of ours.  She is a year behind the YFG at school, and the boy will be going up to secondary school in September, but he has been coming to gymnastics for years and I am very fond of him - he is a lovely little boy and he gets on well with the FH too as they both love watching action films.  If I had had a son, this little chap would have been just the ticket!  They are coming to tea so we have got sausage and mash on the menu, one of their favourites, and then I will make a cake for pudding.  I imagine that they may play on the Wii with the girls, watch some tv or just chat together for some time.  The YFG may get a board game out as they like to do that too [I hate board games - my guilty secret!].

UJ inspected my garden work when he was here yesterday and I seem to have passed muster, which pleased me!  He also brought some more asparagus, a couple of lettuces and half a sack of potatoes.  I am finding that leek and potato soup is a more economical lunch for me, so I am going to make more of that, and bought some leeks yesterday in Lidl, when I went to pick the girls up from the station on their return from Cambridge.  They had been to the Grand Arcade, mooched across to the Grafton Centre, raided Primark, got lost in Mill Road and eventually got back to the station in time to catch the 3pm train, so we were back here by 4pm, inspecting the YFG's blisters and admiring their purchases.  Today, the YFG has to sort out her room - she wanted a piece of furniture from the spare room which meant me having to clear that out yesterday to extricate the piece, so now she has to put her room back together today....

I suspect that when we leave, they will still be sleeping though!


veeknits19 said...

Hope all goes well today, & the rain holds off a while. Sounds like another busy day for you.
I began to follow your blog earlier this week, so I could be your new follower. I always drop by each day & enjoy your take on life. I do find that the following process is a slow one however & have found & read new entries on my fave blogs by the time they appear in my inbox. Do other folk find this too?
Keep up the great postings, x

Morgan said...

Hi vee - I think it could be you indeed - thanks for commenting to say Hello - good to meet you!

I think the Follower thing is a bit strange too and I admit that I keep my blogroll on the side of my own blog mostly to keep up with other blogs, although I realise that it helps others to find blogs that they might be interested in as well. I use my blog as my "home page" in a manner of speaking so that all I have to do is click on the links, and new posts rise to the top of the list automatically - and I even set up a link direct to the webcam at Loch of the Lowes through my photo of my cockerel....

Thanks for the feedback xxx