Thursday, 30 May 2013

Books, books, more books...

I'm just not a minimalist.  At all.  Can't even contemplate the concept.  I read on Laura's blog here that she has only 57 books.  57?  That can't be enough ;)

I must have ten or twenty times that many books......

There are four sections like this in the office...[above] This is the bottom of the last two sections closest to the patio doors.

And this [above] is the top half of the same two sections.

And then there are the other two sections.

And the shelves under the stairs.

The heap by the bed.

The little bookshelf in the sitting room.

The big bookshelf in the EFG's room.

The unit in the spare bedroom.

And it brought to mind an infographic about clutter which Ann V shared one day this week, and I remembered one of the kinds of clutter - "Aspirational" clutter and I realised that that is what a lot of these books are. They represent things I would like to cook, things I would like to make, emotions I'd like to feel, places I might like to go, and perhaps even the person I might like to be.

And it came to me that there is only one book I will ever really need.

(image from

It takes me a long time to realise these things, Lord, but I am slowly getting there!

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