Friday, 17 May 2013

Not a penny spent

The coffee morning went well today, and we raised about £150 for the chapel, which was good going.  We had a raffle, cake stall, refreshments and some cards and books of mine for sale.  I sold a wee book for 50p, so I donated that to the raffle in exchange for a strip of tickets, then I sold a box of wrapping paper for a fiver and donated that to the general coffers as well, in exchange for the one cup of tea I managed all morning.  The sponge I made went down very well, but the lemon cake was rather overshadowed by some cream scones that someone made, so I brought that home again and the folk are munching their way through that quite happily!

A short crisis meeting at school, and then home to the FH for a couple of hours.

Tonight has been gymnastics and home again - quite tired.  Back to gym in the morning, washing and cleaning tomorrow afternoon, and I am determined to watch Jack Reacher this Saturday somehow.  Sunday brings a gymnastics competition, and the return of Case Histories at last - all in all, quite a lot to look forward to, and no plans to spend much - I may buy a couple of photos of the YFG if the photographer at the comp takes any good shots, but I might not...

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Frugal in Bucks said...

I obsessed about that coffee cake all day! Glad you had a successful event, well done. Scones over lemon loaf? Hmmm, not too sure about that.

Have a super weekend.