Friday, 24 May 2013

Looking forward

The school closed today for 9 whole days, and the gym doesn't re-open for 10 days, so I have some down-time, for me to do things for me and for the family, without the thought that I will need to be going to school or to the gymnastics club.

I have sat down tonight and made some rough notes about things I want to do:

I have a stack of library books to read, and a couple of new-to-me books that I still haven't read

(image from

The vegetable garden needs some attention - courgettes, dwarf and runner beans and lettuces all need planting out, and more lettuce seedlings need pricking out, and pepper and tomato plants need potting up!

The chicken houses need cleaning out

and the latest batch of chicks need moving on to a bigger establishment - they are growing so fast.

and then there is the sister has had all her hair shaved off in a fundraising stunt for Cancer Research UK, and she needs a woolly hat!  I think one like these would do the trick...

and lastly, I want my kitchen to look like this again!

so some spring cleaning is on the agenda - and not just the kitchen!

The girls both have plenty of revision to do for their upcoming exams, so they will be busy, although they are planning a day out to Cambridge one day, I think.  A mooch around the shops and a visit to the cinema are on the cards for them.  I am planning a quiet week, generally at home, and not getting up too early...

I also want to write a couple of letters to older people who have not embraced technology and to whom I still actually write with pen and paper occasionally.  I shall print off some photos of the girls to send to one of them too; I am looking forward to spending some reflective time writing these letters and I shall enjoy it.

And the car?  I misunderstood.  It failed on something to do with hoses to the brakes, and they will be fixed on Tuesday.  The rust is also a problem, but was not the cause of the failure this time - but would be next year.  The mechanic will have a look at this now and advise us what he can do about it.


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

You've got a good long list of jobs, hope you have time for a rest too.

Morgan said...

Yes, I have a list of jobs, but I have only ONE appointment all week, so my time is my own, and that makes such a difference to me!

Lesley said...

I hope you have a lovely half term! There is something peaceful about pottering through jobs at home. Enjoy it! Lesley

Jo said...

Glad the car will survive a while longer.

What sort (breed)of chicks have you got please? We have just hatched 3 chicks at school (mixed egg puchase from ebay) and 2 of them look just like yours with the same colouring and stripe down the back and the same colouring on the developing wing feathers.

Enjoy half term. I know I've been so looking forward to the break.

Morgan said...

Hi Jo - my chooks are Gold Partridge Orpingtons.

The colouring is quite common in young chicks and then the second wave of feathers often develop quite differently so it may be a while before you know what you have got! Good luck with them xx

Jo said...

I keep hens at home and one of them is a buff orpington. She is really nice natured and looks just like a big hen-teddybear. I've never managed to hatch any at home though and would love to.