Thursday, 16 May 2013

Coffee morning tomorrow

We have several coffee mornings at the chapel each year, and I like to make some cakes to share with the refreshments.  Sometimes I make one of these:

These lemon muffins go down very well too sometimes:

but tonight I have made a couple of different items to ring the changes......

No photos, sorry!  I'm sure you know what a lemon drizzle loaf looks like, and a Victoria sandwich with seedless raspberry jam.  The third one, I have never made before, and it is from a little book of recipes from Lyle's Golden Syrup, called, quite unimaginatively, a Golden Syrup cake.  It called for a cake tin of 30cm, which is quite large, and I didn't have one that big, so it is deeper than it should be, in a 24cm is still cooking.  Hoping to get to bed today.

Unfortunately I have to report that one of the weaker chicks died this afternoon - it was one of the last two to hatch and spent too long trying to get out of the shell, I think, resulting in a deformed foot.  It was just too weak to survive, which was a shame.  The other slightly deformed one is making progress but is not yet strong enough to go in with the other 9 little cheepies.

The FH's dentist trip went very well.  The tooth was a bit of a terror to get out, but the dentist is excellent and managed it rather well.  The receptionist co-operated with me and I paid the bill rather unobtrusively so that the FH didn't find out how much it cost - he came home from the lunch club mortified yesterday that someone had told him that they had paid £45 to have an extraction, so I wasn't very keen for him to make a scene in the dentist at the price.  It was a little more than £45...but not much more.  

He has been out to the bee club tonight in an advisory capacity, sitting in the bee shed and observing the others as they checked over their hives, and shouting instructions for them!  It is good to see him getting back to these things and being "normal" again as far as he can.

Better go and stick a skewer in this cake and see how it is coming along.

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