Monday, 6 May 2013

Monitoring on Mondays

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Bank Holiday or not, I have still done my Monday Monitoring of the electricity meter and the bank accounts. We are using about 17 units of electricity a day at the moment, which is okay for us.  Our weekly average hovers between 15 and 17 units a day, and this week, and the previous couple, we have been up towards the top end of this range, but I am not worried as I have been running the incubator for the hatching eggs and I know that that is an extra short-term appliance.

The bank accounts are not looking much changed - as I have already posted, we have no more income until the 10th, which is still a few days away, so we haven't had the opportunity to save much since last Monday, although my YouGov account is now just £1 away from paying out, and I have a lot of points in the Shop&Scan reward account which I could exchange for vouchers now.  I'm going to save them up as I know that the girls will start to think about their August birthdays soon, and I will be able to spend those vouchers on items for their gifts at Amazon.

Spending for this week is probably going to be limited to fruit and veg.  We have plenty of meat and fish in the freezer, and the makings of meals in the store cupboard, but the fruit bowl is almost empty.  Not the end of the world, but we do enjoy apples, bananas and oranges most days between us.  The FH is quite keen on stewed fruit, but the rest of us are not so enthused.


Frantic's Antics said...

OOh- you incubate!!! We are looking for some point of lay hennies- will you have some girls for sale do you think? I have always admired your birds and you cyclamen pics on your blog!!!

Morgan said...

These chicks, if they hatch, probably won't make it to point of lay before the winter, so they will start to lay next February or March. They will be Gold Partridge Orpingtons. Fingers crossed, yes, I will have some for sale. Just not yet ;)

Jo said...

I reached £50 on YouGov this weekend and got very excited about it. It has taken me 1 year and 11 months to reach enough points for a payout but £50 at one time is a tidy sum so I'm happy : )

Morgan said...

@Jo - I know, I am now at £49.50 and can't wait to get that last one or two survey notifications through so that I can cash out my earnings!
This is the second payout I will have had :)