Thursday, 2 May 2013

A spot of shopping

Having to go to one town to pick up the girls and then go to the other to take the YFG to the piano lesson, I have had the opportunity to visit two supermarkets today without incurring any extra fuel costs.  I popped into the first one, the Co-op, as I had twenty minutes to kill - I got ahead of myself this afternoon!  The YFG is particular about bananas being tinged with green and they usually have some in the Co-op, so I thought I'd have a look.  No luck there!

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After dropping the YFG at the piano teacher's house, I had only half an hour, so I went to the library and picked up a couple of Jeffrey Archer novels, and asked about Jackson Brodie audiobooks - they didn't have any but they can order them in if I decide which one I want to listen to - so I'll have to look on Amazon and see what the options are and then I can order them from the library next week.  I hadn't realised that Jason Isaacs had recorded the audiobooks prior to starring in the TV series - which is coming back very soon!  Can't wait...

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Just to keep me going till it is on again!

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Once we had retrieved the YFG, we were able to pop into Sainsbury's.  I had an order from the steward at the chapel for bread, cheese and a fruit pie for tomorrow's Worship Lunch, and I was still looking for those elusive bananas.  Alas, the ones in the shop were more suited to making banana bread, so I left them.

I spent the morning in school, cataloguing more books, and since the weather was so glorious again today, I cycled to the school and back.  I had left washing on the line, so I was able to get it in when I came home at lunch time, and then I popped off to the chapel for the afternoon club.  We sat outside in the sunshine in the courtyard garden and soaked up the vitamin D.  I knitted and the other ladies were doing a jigsaw.

I do hope you are getting your share of this lovely weather - my peas are growing furiously in the garden, and the pepper seedlings have emerged at last.  Pricking out tomato seedlings will be on the agenda for the weekend, and the radio presenter today seemed to be of the opinion that the good weather might last over the Bank Holiday - what a delight that would be.  We have a quiz at the chapel on Saturday evening and UJ is coming over on Sunday, so I am hoping for a relaxing weekend all round.

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