Tuesday, 14 May 2013

T dilemma

I have been receiving parcels and vouchers from BzzAgent for some time now, and quite enjoy trying things out for free, writing reviews of the item in return.  We have enjoyed all sorts of things, from bake in the bag sauces to deodorant, and the latest offering is Flora baking oil stuff.  I received the voucher yesterday - since it is sold in the chiller cabinet, one has a voucher to get it "free" rather than it coming through the post.
           Only trouble is, where would you think the vouchers are redeemable?  And only there.  Exactly.

So, the dilemma was - do I go and get it, or do I not?  The voucher expires before the end of the month, so I thought that it was silly to lose out on a bottle of some oil/baking creation that was £1.98 and might be fun to have a go using, especially as it is supposed to be heart-healthy.

So I went in, went straight for the chilled aisle, got it, and got out!


Frugal in Bucks said...

Just joined after reading your blog. Will be fun to try out anyway. Thanks for the link.


Sue said...

What can I say ..... Well Done!!

I guess your eyes were averted all the way round from all the 'brilliant offers' and general temptation. A woman on a mission :-)

Morgan said...

I did notice that they have a lot of offers on, but I think that most supermarkets are putting the red carpet out with offers to get us to part with cash these days. Some offers seem to be perpetual, others come and go, and if we are not brand-loyal, we can get away with spending less.

I successfully resisted temptation, and got away unscathed!