Friday, 31 May 2013

End of the month musings

I can't believe that May has slipped from us this quickly in a sea of rain and drizzle just lately.  We have had the odd brilliant day amongst the wet ones, but the good days seem to have been on the mean side.  We could definitely do with more!

Achievements for May include getting the vegetable garden planted and finding the floor in the spare room as well.  These may not sound like big things, but they are major for me!  I have also completed the 10th knitted hat for the Operation Christmas Child project, and this week I have knitted one for my sister following her head shaving episode last week.

The "No-Tesco" challenge has been done, and on reflection, I don't think I feel that I have failed. Yes, I have been in there twice this month - but twice in a month is nothing compared to the two or three times a week I had been going shopping there.

The spending record is slightly down, which is good, overall.  The cupboards have been a little bare at times, though, as I have not been able to find the same level of deals that we usually get in Tesco.  My stocks have depleted somewhat, and I have changed the way I have shopped this month, from what Amy Daczyzyn calls the Pantry Principle to more of a meal plan method.  I consistently think that the PP is a more economical way of eating - you buy what is cheaper or on offer and then make up your plan from what you have in the cupboards.

We have paid the bills for the month and hit the savings target quite hard, although, as I said, we didn't achieve it quite....we gave it a jolly good shot though!

June's savings target is going to be reduced to £500 for several reasons:
 - to take into consideration the fact that I know there is going to be a garage bill for the MOT repairs on the Fiesta
 - I know I need to get the sewage treatment plant pit emptied, and I need to buy a new gas bottle for the cooker
 - I personally need a little wiggle room this month so that the target is not my raison d'etre for the month and I can live a little without constantly thinking about money.  Just for one month!
- the EFG's weight loss has hit a plateau or a brick wall and we need to do something different to kick start that.  This may need some funding in one way or another - attending a club, getting the bike fixed again, organising some kind of activity with her......I don't know yet.
 - I'm going to achieve the target, and feel good about that......

I have also decided to sponsor a child through Compassion.  Various things have been pointing me to that cause, and yesterday I came across their UK website through another blogger, and on there I found a teenager in South America who is the same age as the YFG and has one of her middle names so I feel that there is a connection.  I will be arranging this tomorrow, and feel very settled about the idea.  This post made me think about it in a particular way and spurred me on to make a decision.

And June's challenge?  You'll just have to wait till morning for that one!

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Helen said...

I too sponsor through Compassion, it appealed as my daughter has and will again work in South or Central America with children like this. Although I cannot visit I can make a difference to a family and one day my daughter may visit on my behalf. I regularly check in and enjoy your blog, thanks.