Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Frugal gifts

This is the gift package that we eventually put together for my careers advisor friend and her husband this afternoon.  

Home made, home produced and home grown was the way to go!  UJ contributed a lovely bunch of fresh asparagus spears, some of our home made sloe gin was decanted into a nice bottle, some fresh eggs from the chooks, and some lemon muffins and buns completed the gift parcel.

They were delighted with it!  I did say to them that I had thought of buying chocolates and wine but thought that this was more personal and more interesting, and they agreed!

We had a very enjoyable 90 minutes with them in Cambridge at one of their houses [they split their time between here and Surrey] and discussed lots of the aspects of university applications; they were very helpful and gave the EFG a good few pointers to make her application stand out from all the others!  She is going to start drafting her personal statement [500 words] and they will read it for her and suggest amendments.

On other matters today, the FH's warfarin level [INR] was tested this afternoon and was satisfactory again, thank goodness.  


Judy Y said...

What a thoughtful and lovely gift!
Good news re the FH

Sue said...

A lovely gift, and I think it's wonderful that someone that helped you is now helping your daughter with her application.