Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A morning at home

Nowhere to go, but plenty to do!  

The house is looking rather scruffy and there is a heap of ironing to get done.  I need to sort out some kind of menu plan for the rest of the week, the weeds are growing rather too nicely with all the wet weather that we are having, and the chicks need cleaning out on a daily basis.  I also need to get into school today for a couple of hours as I have not been in all week to do any of my book cataloguing work and they will be thinking that I have given up!  The cake tins are empty, the FH wants a raffle prize to give to the lunch club, and I think I may have a parcel arriving today.  And then my Dad is supposed to be visiting later on as well... One doesn't have time to get bored, I'll say!

The girls at gym have a competition on Sunday, so I won't be at church but the congregation has a DIY Sunday this week (called a "local arrangement" where the church has to sort out the service or get a preacher themselves - we usually DIY) and another lady is doing the service this week as I won't be there to do it because of the gym competition.  She has asked for some help, so I also need to look at the readings and see if the grey cells can come up with anything for her to do.  It is always different preparing something for someone else to deliver from doing it for yourself as I know that on the day I can change the words slightly or even improvise a little if I am led to change what I had prepared.

I had better get on.  The FH has had his first batch of pills so he can have his breakfast now, then I will go and do the chooks, and get on with the day.  It is not raining here this morning but it is rather chilly.  Hoping that it is warmer where some of you are at least.  Have a good day xx


Wannabe Sybil said...

I don't know when you will have time to breathe! I may envy you the chicks but I don't envy the cleaning! Good luck WS xxx

The Happy Larder said...

I hope you got lots of things ticked off your list, so you could have a little break & maybe some warming tea. It's been freezing here too - can't believe it's May :-( Kirsten x