Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Fingers crossed

Some of our GPOs from a few years ago

It's hatching day here in the Fens, and there are cheeping noises coming from the incubator.  I've got everything crossed that by this time tomorrow I may have some chicks in a box like this picture from a year or two ago shows.  There are 25 Gold Partridge Orpington eggs in there, so at least a 50% hatch would be lovely. 

I've got the lamp ready to keep them warm, the box to put them in is prepped and all I have to do now is see if I can find some marbles to put in the water pot to stop them drowning, but if I can't find any, I will just wash some large stones off the driveway.  That matting that they are on in the picture is anti-slip stuff, but I think that is long gone....it was good stuff but it doesn't last for ever.  

I'll be back with some pictures if we have any success!

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