Saturday, 30 November 2013

Ups and downs

Good things to report in that we had a successful shopping trip to Aldi with our vouchers, and I called in at Morrison's for the turkey legs that everyone has been raving about - we had one ages ago and it yielded a load of meat, so I bought two today and stashed them in the freezer.  That will be our turkey ration for the holiday season, although I think a three-bird roast may be on the menu for the day itself.

We also went into the supermarket and picked up a big parcel holding the clothes we had ordered with our clubcard boost vouchers, and we were pleased with it all.

The downside of the day is that the FH feels that he has been left too long, even though the EFG was here with him all the time that the YFG and I were out at gym and shopping.  The girls both report that he constantly asks whoever is here with him how long it is until I will be home again, so I am becoming more and more conscious of leaving him for any length of time.  Today was a longer than usual Saturday for us, too, since we were out to gym at 9.30am and it was shortly before 4pm when we returned.

The second slight problem is that after a little trouble with the front loading USB ports on my desktop, it now resolutely refuses to even turn on!  It seems to have died completely, so I shall have to see if my computer guru can resurrect it!  I'm not holding out a lot of hope, but I will ask him.  The Iconia tablet that the YFG had for her birthday as well as the chapel music one are both being dodgy scrolling down pages on the internet tonight, so I am beginning to think that the computer world and I have fallen out.......I am on the EFG's laptop now and got everything crossed that we get to the end of this post before it conks out on me!

If I need to replace that desktop, it will put a serious hole in the budget, but as we have seen, these things are sent to try us, and we will find ways to manage it all in the end!  At least I haven't bought anything huge like a car this year, so I suppose I can afford a basic computer if the need arises.

I am sitting here tonight, rebooting the washing machine at intervals and watching The Bible on Channel 5, the first in a series of dramatisations of the Bible.  It has already stimulated a couple of questions from the YFG that I was challenged to answer at this time of night and this level of tiredness.

Hoping for a more cheerful day tomorrow somehow - there is a Christmas carol concert at one of the circuit churches tomorrow evening at which a brass band is playing and if the FH feels up to it, I am hoping to attend.


rabbitquilter said...

Oh dear! Not a good day! Hope the computer prob is sorted, they are great - when they work!! As for FH why is he worried if you aren't around? He wasn't alone in the house. Men are so difficult to work out!!! Mine HATES Christmas, with vengeance and it is getting worse the older he gets. I find the whole affair very difficult, he is in a decline now. He never helps me with anything 'Christmasy' but is fully prepared to reap all my hard work with food and presents! I try to not mind, I truly do, but by Christmas day I just want it over, which is wrong because I love everything about it! There is one glimmer of a Christmas light on the horizon though!! No.1 son is now married and has a home of his own and he is MEGA Christmas and we are going round to them this year!! YAY!!! So the Christmas Grinch will just have to suffer it!! That doesn't help you though. Maybe ring him if you are going to be out for a while? It's very hard on you.

Morgan said...

RQ - thanks for your support. I know that the FH is becoming more frightened these days, and feels safe, "in good hands" as they say, when I am here with him, and he is more relaxed when I am here. He worries about things, about what will happen to him, about every twinge these days. I do ring him, as you suggest - on Saturday we rang home after gym, then again on arrival at one of the shops, and again when we were on our way home - they knew almost exactly where we were all afternoon.

As for Christmas, yes, he is also one like your OH, but he has had to learn to grin and bear it as I have never allowed him to spoil it for the girls. I buy him a jigsaw puzzle every year which comes out on Christmas Eve, and I encourage him to concentrate on that!

Good luck - I shall be thinking of you in the run up to Christmas, and hope you can find some time to do some things that you enjoy. Your time with your son sounds like it will be lovely xxx