Thursday, 28 November 2013

All spent out!

I have had a clear out of those vouchers from that supermarket, and told the girls they could choose £50 worth of clothes each.  With the Boost offer that is on at the moment, it meant that £50 of vouchers would actually buy me £100 of clothes.  The girls have both been in need of various items for a while and this was a way to enable them to choose what they wanted without costing me too much!  After all, those vouchers were given to me in the first place and hadn't cost me anything.

They both put the items in the shopping bag earlier in the week but I didn't quite realise how to boost the vouchers, so I didn't get to do it until tonight - what a result that was!  There is a 25% off promotion going on over the weekend, so their £100 of clothes cost me £75 of vouchers and enabled me to add a pair of jeans, a cardigan and two pairs of welly socks to the list for little old me!  All in all, we have ordered £132 worth of clothes, and I have actually paid out £1.25.  They are being delivered free of charge to our local store and we will be able to pick them up on Saturday, when we are in town for gym anyway.  I call that a bargain!

I have also picked up my two copies of the Daily Mirror for the Aldi £5 vouchers, and noticed that the extra little coupons are also for some useful items this time, so I shall be adding a few of those things to the list, especially the icing sugar!

The girls have been busy this evening - they decided that they wanted to put some of the best photos from the Norway trip onto a calendar for Grandad for his Christmas gift, so they have been sorting through the snaps and choosing their favourites.  Hope he likes it!!


Allegra said...

Well done you ! That's the way I like to shop, too.... ;o)

Retro Wren said...

Sounds like a great deal to me! :)

Grandad will love the album. Especially as it's made by the girls.
Take care sweet lady and gave a good weekend. X

Lyssa Medana said...

That is impressive. It's great when you can work something like that. I'm glad some nice things came your way as well! WS xxx

Donna Scott said...

Hello! Not sure if I've commented on your blog before, but hello, hello!

That's a very impressive saving, and I imagine the girls got a lot of clothes for that too!

rabbitquilter said...

What a great way to clothes shop! Of course Grandad will love the calendar!! My boys' do me a special calendar, the ritual started a couple of years ago, they are 26 and 22 I hasten to add, and it is hilarious, they are in various states of undress, but tastefully done (one picture included my book on Cliff Richard, strategically placed!!!) Word has spread and several girl's from their group of friends have ordered a copy too this year Mmmm!! Their calendar is not one for the Grand parents I have to say, although I did show Mother-in-law one year and she couldn't stop laughing, did her far more good than all the pills she was taking at the time!!

Morgan said...

RQ - your calendar sounds hilarious!

Donna - good to hear from you! Yes, there are 5 tops, 2 hoodies, a cardigan, a pair of joggers, a pair of jeans and two pairs of welly socks in the order!

Thanks for all your messages - it is lovely to have you all visiting xx