Sunday, 3 November 2013

Some website links for you

Sharing a few links to some great websites - some I just enjoy reading and others where I find inspiration and motivation to do stuff!  Always a benefit...

The first is The Prudent Homemaker, where Brandy rarely shops, and feeds a family of eight on healthy, home-grown and home-made food.  She has a new series where she is sharing the items she is making in November to give as Christmas gifts.

Elaine at Mortgage Free in Three continues to inspire me: her writing takes me home to Cupar as that is where she lives, but I also enjoy reading about her adventures with her two boys, her fabulous recipes and her Armageddon store cupboard.

One Hundred Dollars A Month is Mavis's story - she gardens and does all sorts of great stuff.  A reader pointed me in her direction a while back and now I follow her on Facebook to get regular updates.

And the last one is Dirt Under My Fingernails - a very recent find, but some great recipes here that I shall have to try.

Do have a look at some and let me know what you think.  Share your recommendations too, anytime xx

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