Friday, 29 November 2013

'Tis the week...

for turning on the town's Christmas lights!  One town tonight, one tomorrow and hey presto, half the gym class didn't turn up tonight, so two guesses where they all were?  Made for a quiet and strangely good session in which the children who were there all worked even harder than usual because there were 6 coaches and only 13 children, so they all got tonnes of attention!

A ding dinner tonight as we had two pork chops leftover from yesterday, with assorted veg and some boiled potatoes.  It was a matter of a few minutes to slice and saute the potatoes, open a tin of beans to stretch the veg and spoon some more warmed apple sauce over the chops.  Two large chops were divided between the FH, EFG and I [and he definitely got more veg than meat!] and the YFG had a portion of lasagne from the freezer.  We will now be having a couple of vegetarian days as we have had meat two days running.  Tomorrow is the last day on the planner....shall have to get December sorted tomorrow before I go shopping so that I only buy what I Need.

I went to see the nurse practitioner at the surgery this morning about the FH's pills and all the conflicting advice that we are getting, and she reminded me that actually the FH is in charge, and if he doesn't want to risk the gout medication he tried this time last year again, then he doesn't have to.  We are looking at perhaps trying to focus on managing the pain, rather than trying to manage the gout, as that might be a better approach, and one less fraught with dangerous medications!  A referral to a pain management clinic could be sought, but has to be done by a consultant, so it is likely that we will ask the rheumatologist to do that next time we see him.  One thing we have definitely decided, as a result of the discussions we have had today after I came home, is that he is starting nothing new until after Christmas, as hospital at Christmas is not what we want!  His wrist is definitely improving, and we are still looking into alternative therapies.

Hope you all have a great weekend with your friends and families xxx

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rabbitquilter said...

I think sometimes all the mixture of medication makes you feel worse, am sure some tablets aren't meant to be mixed with others!!!! Am furiously sewing a little quilt for my son to give to the daughter of his employers, who had a baby earlier in the week, but little chap is rather poorly. Am hoping he will soon improve, a worrying time for them all. Have a good weekend X