Saturday, 2 November 2013

Super steak dinner

After I had taken a lesson from FrugalQueen about cooking steak last month, I felt more confident about having another go - my track history with cooking steak hasn't been great!

I bought some "quick fry steak" from Aldi for just £2.69, which is very reasonable considering that it feeds three of us very amply - the EFG is eating a lot less meat these days and prefers not to have steak.

I followed Froogs' instructions quite well - with a few variations of my own.  I did bash the steak with a rolling pin, but when I rubbed the oil into the steak, I used oil which I had crushed a clove of garlic into, and it makes such a difference to the flavour.  I used the oil, some salt and pepper and then put the steak straight into a very hot [smoking!] griddle pan, and it cooked beautifully.  I cook my steak right through, but this steak remains juicy and tender.  The FH enjoyed his with some horseradish sauce, too.

As you can see, I served it with home-made wedges, carrots and green vegetables.  It was delicious!  For a Saturday night treat, it was also well priced - we don't eat like this every day, after all.

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