Thursday, 14 November 2013

Down on the Farm

There was a question  yesterday about Alex Langlands and what had happened to him......I wondered too!  A quick Google this morning revealed his Facebook page where he shares that he is not involved in the Tudor Monastery Farm because he has been away, researching and doing archaeology.  There was a link to a talk at Salisbury museum where he presented some of his findings.

The Lost Cities of Searobyrig: Re-thinking the Urban Topography of Anglo-Saxon Salisbury
(image from

I have to say that I enjoyed the programme last night, and the new chap seemed to fit in with the team well.  I don't think I would have got on with wearing a wimple all the time as Ruth was doing, and having my fire in the middle of the room, with all that smoke about the place, wouldn't have suited me either!  It was interesting to see the ploughing with the cattle, but I am not a fan of the early seed-broadcasting methods as there seemed to be quite few bare patches in the field of peas when they came through.  I would also have had my rubber gloves on when the bloke was making the pig house with the wattle-and-daub made from horse manure.....

My knitting grew a few inches and I was glad of a sit down after a busy day.......another one on the cards, so I had better get on.  The YFG has been off school this week with a hacking cough - she did try to go yesterday but I had to fetch her home again after a couple of hours as the heat in the building was just making her worse and she had had two teachers already telling her she didn't ought to be there!


Gill said...

I watched last night too and I missed Alex!!!

Angela said...

I missed Alex too, but Tom seems a good chap!
Yep, I'd have needed some Tudor Marigolds before slapping that manure on the wattle too!
But that batty bloke saying that Palm Sunday ended with a sort of snowball fight with the, that seems a bit too far fetched.

Off work with heavy cold today. My sympathies are with YFG xx

Morgan said...

Wasn't sure about that part either, Ang, but was glad to see faith being part of a programme like that, even though it was more as a tradition than an actual faith, if you see what I mean.
Hope you feel better soon xx

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Enjoyed the First one. I didn't miss Alex as I thought it was nice to have a new face. Looking forward to the next five. Book added to wish list!