Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Cybher 2013

I am still part of a group of bloggers who are supporting a number of children in Niger through WorldVision's sponsorship programme.  Unfortunately, the person who has been supporting Child 11 of our group of children cannot carry on.   I have made an extra, small one-off donation towards Child 11, but can anyone else help? 

Anything would help - a one-off donation would be a great blessing for this child, no matter how small.  Some of us are committing to support one-quarter of a child's sponsorship, so we are donating £6 a month  - could you or a group you belong to manage that?  
To support this sponsorship programme through the #ShareNiger bloggers, just click on the link in my sidebar to the right, and you will see the buttons at the bottom of the post it takes you to.  That link will be there for a long time, so if you can't donate today, but one day you have some funds to spare, you  know where the link is.  

I could apologise for "asking" for donations again, but I am not going to.  I look upon posts like this one as an opportunity to let people know where in the world others need our help.  I've blogged about toilet-twinning, the disaster in the Philippines, and I have told you about #ShareNiger before.  If a pound or two gets donated because I shared the information, so much the better.  

If you can't spare anything this month, could you say a prayer for these children?  Or light a candle, or just think good thoughts or whatever it is that you feel comfortable to do, please?

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