Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Going back to Henry's time...

 A new Farm Series has arrived!

Tudor Monastery Farm (credit BBC/Lion Television/Laura Rawlinson)
(image from

The familiar face of Alex Langlands has been replaced with a chap called Tom Pinfold [on the right] but I am sure that the 6 episodes will still be very interesting.  The first one airs tonight at 9pm.  I shall have my knitting at the ready and watch it.

This one is called Tudor Monastery farm, and goes further back in time than any of the farm series that I have seen before although I am aware that they did a pretty ancient one before I started watching.  Wonder what they'll get up to this time?


Angela said...

I am looking forward to this one too.
Like you I missed the Green Valley Farm - I understand there were some contract issues and that is why that one's never been repeated/had a book out
autumn blessings!

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I was very excited when I saw the trail for this last week, but then I remembered how bad the Wartime on was so now I'm hoping this is as good as the earlier ones.
The Green Valley was definitely the best

The Squirrel Family said...

There is a DVD :)

Gill said...

I'm looking forward to this - I really enjoyed the earlier episodes! I shall miss Alex though - what's happened to him????

Sarah said...

Iisef the green valley farm, but have watched the others. They fascinate me, I was going to bed now nut having seen this is on I shall stay up a bit longer!