Monday, 11 November 2013

Just the right squidge

The YFG has been at home today, resting and watching tv mostly, as she has a horrible cough, like a bark, and her chest is just beginning to loosen, but she is coughing so much that she isn't getting a lot of rest.

She asked for a baked potato for her lunch, so I offered to bake a cake whilst the oven was on for the potatoes.  This chocolate brownie recipe was her choice - that link will take you to the recipe as I blogged about it in September.  Back then, I didn't post a photo, though, but I remembered to take one today.

Having recently bought some walnuts, I made it with those today instead of the chopped mixed nuts.  It has just the perfect level of squidginess today, with the top a light crisp sugar shell, the top layer of sponge quite light, and then a denser, moist and chewy layer.  I can't eat it, but it smells heavenly........

If you like chocolate brownie, do try this one xx

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