Saturday, 9 November 2013

We remember, this weekend

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh arrive at the Royal Albert Hall for the Festival of Remembrance
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The annual Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall in London has brought tears to our eyes tonight as we watched the parades of veterans alongside serving personnel, and the performance by the Poppy Girls was just beautiful, made all the more special when Megan's dad appeared at the end to surprise her.  Very moving.

I have been preparing the service for tomorrow morning as well.  It is a responsibility to get it right, and not one to be taken lightly.  As usual, it has been on my mind and in my prayers all week, and then I come to get it down on paper tonight.

We had a hairy moment at the gymnastics club this morning when the Head Coach didn't turn up for the first class at 10am.  The YFG and I arrived at 9.45am by which time he would usually have been there, but he wasn't.  He still hadn't turned up by 10 when I had 9 little boys keen to begin, and so I had to start without him, with just the YFG and another coach to help me.  He wandered in at 10.15 looking very apologetic!  We have changed the time this term from 10.30am to 10am and having had two weeks off for the half-term holiday, he had forgotten!!  He is not going to live that down for a few weeks....

The YFG has had an evening out at a firework display as the guest of a school friend who is celebrating her birthday, so she has had a lovely if chilly evening!

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