Friday, 1 November 2013

Communication frustrations

Our phone line has been dodgy for nearly two weeks - some days it works and others it doesn't.  I reported a fault on Thursday 24th October, and by the Sunday it seemed to be working again OK, so I thought they had fixed it......then it went weird again - whistling, noisy, no dial tone, telling callers we were engaged - a terrible palaver.  The internet still worked but it kept losing the signal.....until today - and it has now gone. Dead as a dodo.

So today I have had to wrestle with the dongle to get it back in credit and on line - and I am here!  The fault has been re-reported and we are hoping to have an engineer visiting on Tuesday morning sometime, but I shall believe it when I see it, after the trouble we had with the visit arrangements in July.  The poor dongle hasn't got great connectivity here either, as it seems to rely on mobile phone signals [does it?  Is that how they work?] The phone signals here are decidedly dodgy on some networks but my phone usually works, which is why I picked a Three dongle, as well as it being about the only one I could find in Peterborough that day that would let me pay-as-you -go.

So if I seem a bit quiet, it may just be that I can't on the old interweb - it is not that I'm not thinking of you all and wishing I could read your blogs!   Thanks for all the comments last week - lots of people came out of "lurkdom" and let us know that they read - good to hear from you all xx

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veeknits19 said...

Hope your phone connection is soon repaired - how frustrating for you all. Now I have learned about PAYG dongles, a mystery to me before now, thanks. Have a good week, hope all goes well, Vee xx