Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Only just today

About 20 minutes before it becomes tomorrow, and I am sitting up waiting for the washing machine to finish a spin cycle so that I can hang the laundry on the airers in the sitting room where the wood stove is keeping it all warm and toasty!  The crisis is that the EFG got something on her gym trousers tonight, and so I had to wash them for her to wear again tomorrow.  Trouble is that she didn't tell me until past 10pm, but the good news is that there was a whole load of dark stuff to go in with them, so it wasn't a wasted wash.

A good trip to Papworth this morning and the cardiologist was able to confirm that the FH's heart is beating well.  He's been well tested, with an X-ray, echocardiogram, blood tests and ECG, so they should have found any problems if there were any.  We did have a lot of waiting around to do, and my thoughts were rather uncharitable towards a gentleman in the waiting room with a quite grating voice who just did not give it a rest - he talked incessantly to anyone who would listen - and he hardly drew breath.  His poor wife was lovely but hardly said a word - perhaps she was used to not being able to get a word in edgeways.  We sat in companionable silence....  More pills have been prescribed for the gout.

The YFG has had the cleaning bug overcome her whilst I have been at gym this evening, and I have come home to a couple of cleaned-out cupboards - hope it gets her again one day!

UJ has gone to bed for another night, and he will take the FH to the lunch club tomorrow.  He may even stay and attend the village history group talk tomorrow evening: he is becoming well-known at several village groups, and we feel that he is fitting in well and enjoying himself here.  He is always welcome!
He did have one minor catastophe this morning when he melted the bottom out of a plastic bucket when he thought he would clean out the grate, but what is a bucket between mates?!  We had a very relaxing evening at his house, and were fast asleep by 10.30pm last night.  The views from the bedroom window were stunning this morning, and we saw the sunlight reflecting off the vapour trails of some aircraft early, which was a lovely sight.  The drive to Papworth was similarly beautiful, with the bright sunshine reflecting the full glory of the changing leaves.

I can hear the washing machine in take-off mode, so the spinning is nearly finished.  I shall just have time to turn the computer off and then it will be done.  I hope you all have a peaceful night, and I shall "see" you tomorrow xxx


magsmcc said...

Only five minutes left before tomorrow here! Also waiting for spin cycle on school uniform!!

Lyssa Medana said...

I'm glad to hear it's good news for FH. Hope you got enough rest! WS xxx