Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advent begins....quietly

There has been no great fanfare today, and indeed, a time of silence has been more appropriate as we have heard about the Glasgow helicopter disaster, and thought about the lives lost and families devastated there.   We also heard of a rail crash somewhere in America today, with more lives lost. Christmas is going to be a hard time for a lot of families again this year.

The Advent season slipped quietly in, today, on Advent Sunday.  We thought about Jesus, the Light of the World, coming to us.  We considered the concept of waiting in all its forms in our lives, and we remembered that in some ways, we are always in a season of Advent as we wait for Christ to come again.  

I'm finding time this Advent to read Ann Voskamp's new book as a daily devotional as it traces Jesus through his family tree.  It holds the stories of so many people, who were not pure, not acceptable, not perfect, and it reminds us that He who is the most sacred hailed from David's line, made acceptable and forgiven by His birth and then His death and resurrection.  It gives the rest of us quiet hope.  

I have hopes of a quiet and reflective Advent, preparing some services, and spending time with the family and some friends.  

You'll notice that I have used the word "quiet" several times, and I am realising that that is what I need more and more at the moment!  I don't want to be dragged around the shops, not pulled to a party, not out and about being busy - I just want to BE and to stop doing for a while.  

Finding that quietness is going to be my plan this Advent season.  

[In other news, the computer was having me on - as soon as the guru stuck the power cord in and hit the button, it started has now got four new USB ports in the back, and a new-to-it DVD drive in the front, as as bonus, but it works, thank goodness.]

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Quiet sounds good to me too!