Monday, 4 November 2013

Monday madness

It's been one of those days!  This morning, I was conscious that I had to go out at 3pm this afternoon and so I wanted to get as much done on the list as I could, and beavered away quite steadily, as you do, working my way through stuff.  Loads of washing out in the verandah to bake in the sunshine, chicken food fetched, phone calls made, kitchen tidied, bathroom cleaned, stairs swept, the FH tended to [resting in bed with his sore shoulder], and so by lunchtime, it was definitely time for a break!

The sun was shining gloriously, so I took my cup of tea outside and found a sheltered spot near the back door, in full sun, and sat there absorbing the Vitamin D or whatever I get from sunshine, and relaxed for 15 minutes - it was bliss!

(image from screencrush .com)

Come 3pm, I was off - picked up the girls and delivered them to the cinema, with the Tesco tokens, and they were watching Thor 2 by 4pm!  I left them there, had a potter around Staples [that Martha Stewart stuff they advertise is horrendously expensive!] and then went to a huge Garden & leisure complex, where I browsed tonnes of stuff no one really needs, for about half an hour.  It was easy not to spend anything, because there were few useful items that were reasonably priced.

Until I came across a delightful little book of prayers.  Good collections of prayers are rare as hens' teeth round here, unless you know what you want and buy it from Amazon, of course, so I gave in to temptation and bought it.  The FH has flicked through it tonight and I have had a good delve into it, and I do think it is money well spent now.

I then popped over to my dad's for a quick half hour chat with a cup of tea, and then it was back to the cinema to collect the girls and homeward bound.  The FH had prepared the supper and all we had to do was eat it!  This evening has been rounded off with a heap of ironing.......

I am really looking forward to the BT engineer coming in the morning, and hoping that he [usually is a "he"] can fix the problem.  I had a text message from them today asking me to check all my equipment as their tests indicate that it is an internal fault...I have unplugged all our equipment but the phone doesn't even ring in the exchange but goes straight to the messaging service, so I can't see how it can be our equipment.....could be our wiring, though...£130 if Mr BT has to sort that out....oh, bother!

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