Wednesday, 6 November 2013

In the Navy

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I've read the term "Navy showers" twice just lately, and on further investigation, I have found out what it means.

Apparently, a "Navy shower" is one in which the person having the shower turns the water on and gets wet, then turns the water off again whilst washing themselves and their hair perhaps, and then turns the water on again to rinse the soap off.

I had no idea!  I thought everyone showered like that - I always have.  Then I realised WHY I have always showered like that: growing up, we didn't have a shower in our house, only a bath, and the first time we started showering a lot was at a campsite, where you had to push a button and the water flowed for a while, and then it stopped, so you had to push the button again.  I automatically showered then like I was in the Navy, and always have done.  

I'm a little bit shocked that everyone doesn't shower like this, as any other way seems like an awful waste of water.  I am glad to read of people standing in boxes to collect the water for the flushing of the loo if they are having the water flowing constantly........

How do you do it in your house?


The Squirrel Family said...

Another one for you ....Submariners shower, ie spray with deodorant instead of washing(like some teens do) came about as submariners don't wash whilst aboard as water is precious

Have to admit I let it run, but am quick :)

Morgan said...

Gosh - that is taking the water-saving too far for civilian life although I can see that water would be very precious on a submarine!

magsmcc said...

Oh dear. I luxuriate in water as hot as I can bear for as long as it takes to feel that I am awake enough to get out!