Monday, 18 November 2013

Quite fond of Mondays!

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Mondays are usually good days round here, so I'm not one of those people who dread them!

I take the time to go through the finances and see how we are getting on, I read the meter for the electricity and submit the reading online, I sort out the meals for the week ahead usually.

I catch up on the washing, and perhaps even some ironing.  I do some cleaning and push the hoover around the sitting room.

Monday sets me up for the week!

I've told you already that I meal planned to the end of the month, but in the light of the FH's gout, I have adjusted it slightly.  I made some leek & potato soup for our lunch today, and we both loved it, as we do, so I think that that might be on the plan for lunches for some time, particularly as I have a veg bed full of them just outside the back door.

The meal plan now looks like this:

Monday - we had fish, wedges and peas.  Various kinds of fish made their way up from the depths of the freezer, so we didn't all have the same...

Tuesday - gymnastics gets in the way of too much cooking tomorrow evening, so it'll be a baked potato and various toppings.  I'll leave it all prepped and the FH can just pop the spuds in the oven.

Wednesday - the FH will have eaten at the lunch club so the girls and I will have a chicken casserole.

Thursday - piano lesson night so we need something quick - a cheap and easy pasta dish.  Cooking some veggies and pasta and slinging some sauce over the top!

Friday night is gymnastics again so I will make soup again and leave it ready to heat up when we get home.  I might make some kind of pudding if I have time.

Saturday - a vegetable stew with cheesy dumplings for the FH to keep his meat ration down, and steak for the ladies of the house.  I can't eat dumplings, the girls hate them and the FH adores them, so this seems like a good compromise.

Sunday - my Sainsbury's recipe for baked spaghetti with mozzarella will be a super speedy meal to ensure that Sunday is a day of rest all round.

I have had some sad news that a friend of mine has been bitten by her dog, and is in hospital needing to have an operation.  The dog is usually lovely, but I know that he has had an ear infection so I suspect that that is what triggered his behaviour.  My thoughts go out to her family tonight though, as she is separated from them.

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