Friday, 22 November 2013

That Friday feeling again!

Another week nearly over, and a bit of relaxation due tonight, I hope.  I am about to go off to bed with a book, but today has generally been a good day:

  • A morning at the Craft Club at the chapel, sewing up teddies that various members have knitted for Elaine's appeal over at MortgageFreeInThree.  We have about 8 in the process.
  • Came home for lunch, and made the FH his too.  He was sitting by the fire, where he had been all morning.  So pleased that we have an appointment at Papworth on Tuesday so that they can see how he is.  He's pretty depressed at the moment, and much as I love him, if I am honest, a wee bit depressing as well.  His glass is empty at the moment, not even half full, if you see what I mean.
  • Got two loads of washing hung on the airers this afternoon, made leek and potato soup for supper, and nipped off to pick up the EFG for gymnastics.
  • The YFG has gone to the cinema with her friends, and thence to a sleepover, so I have to pick her up in the morning on the way to gym again.
  • Gutted that I totally forgot to deliver a small bag of items I had got for the request Frantic made for items for the troops in Afghanistan at Christmas - totally slipped my mind - will try to rectify that over the weekend - so sorry, Frantic!
  • Home to the fire, the soup and an electric blanket!
See you all tomorrow x


rabbitquilter said...

Sleep well!! X

Morgan said...

I did - thank you, RQ!

Frantic's Antics said...

Thanks so much! I was out with my youngest lad at his Italian lesson! I have a small gift for you- Christmas fabric and a MDF angel for you to decorate- just a little something to say thank you- if you want to meet up drop me a line. Your gifts will easily fill a shoe box or three! Much love Frantic xx