Monday, 1 July 2013

July Challenge

Having started a new hobby for the June challenge and achieved the target, I am going to try something more personal this month - reducing the size of my backside!!  I had managed to get down to 10 and a half stone and been there for nearly a year, but over the last few months, my weight has crept up again, and I am at 10.12 and 3/4 this morning, so this has to stop before it goes any further upwards!   The size 16 jeans that I bought are still OK but the black trousers are uncomfortable, and the size 14 jeans are rather tight....given my wardrobe restrictions, they need to be wearable, and soon!

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The target for the month will be to lose 6 or 7lbs, half a stone would be good, through a variety of means - moving more energetically and watching what I eat more carefully.  I shall keep a daily diary of my food intake and exercise [although I won't bore you all with it!] and I will report weight losses on Mondays - that will help to keep the weekends on the straight and narrow!  


Varis Creations said...

Recommend for keeping track of calories and exercise. It's free (of course!) and has really helped me shift the lbs :)

Good luck.

Susan xx

Morgan said...

@Susan - thanks for that - I have just signed up and entered my details, and my breakfast!

Sue in Suffolk said...

Good luck! for your July challenge.

Lesley said...

I'm with you on this one! Having lost some weight earlier in the year, I keep losing and gaining the same 4lb. I would really like to lose a little more before the summer holidays start. Good luck to you!

Lesley x