Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A successful few days

Sorry I missed you all yesterday - it was one heck of a day!  Interviewing for three TA positions at school in the morning and early afternoon, and then home for a quick snack and off to gymnastics until 8pm, when I had to return some mouldy pitta breads to that supermarket where "Every little helps".  We eventually got home just after 9 and I was just about done in for the day!

We had three positions available and seven candidates shortlisted from over 35 applications, and it was a difficult job to shortlist them.  The interviewing made life a lot easier as we asked them to do a task with some children, and that helped to clarify who the better candidates were.  We all agreed on three and when I left, the Head had phone calls to make to offer them the jobs.

Tomorrow, we are doing it all again to interview six candidates for an admin position - and we had 48 apply for that!  Having spent so much time on this side of the interviewing table, I feel that I have a good understanding of what the interviewers are looking for, which will be useful should I be in the position of looking for a job one day.

This evening I have been sweltering in a jam-packed sports hall with hundreds of other parents celebrating the achievements of our children at the local school.  Both of the girls won awards in various subjects, and collected WHSmith vouchers which they are looking forward to spending on some new books to stash in their suitcases for the cruise in August.  It was a lovely evening, apart from the heat - it was a delight to get outside and into the fresh air - perhaps they should have had the evening outside!

Passport update - the EFG had a letter today asking her to go to an interview.  The appointment has been made for next Tuesday, and the man on the phone said, "If she is successful in her application..." which made me slightly mad in my thoughts - how can she not be successful?!  She was born and raised here in a family which has been traced back up to nine generations on these shores - she is as English as they come!  We are all from good East Anglian stock recently although we have found Lincolnshire bakers and Welsh miners way way back in the tree.  If she is not successful in her application, I don't quite know what would happen!

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